ACSI National Bible Quiz

As Christians, we firmly believe that the Bible is the foundation of our existence and the basis of our faith.  As Christian educators, we encourage our students to saturate themselves with godly influence by reading the Bible, meditating on the Holy Scriptures, and living out the Word of God in their daily lives.  As a unified body of Christian schools, we design an exciting Bible Quiz program to stimulate the youth to read God’s Word with the prayer that they will eventually seek to place the Word of God in their hearts, minds, and lives through the medium of healthy competition.  We pray that the many hours that they will spend in the focused study of the Word of God, we pray that they will see that the ancient text of the Holy Scripture is fun, relevant, exciting, and meaningful.

Objectives of the Bible Quiz

1.      To encourage students to memorize God’s Word.
2.      To develop within each student a love for God’s Word.
3.      To encourage students to have a closer relationship with God.
4.      To develop greater discipline in the student.
5.      To provide an opportunity for fellowship with students from other Christian schools.

Competition Structure
Categories  and Grade Levels
  1. Students may only compete in the category that is specifically assigned to the grade level that they are currently enrolled.
  2. The following is the content categories and their corresponding grade levels:
    a. Genesis, Exodus              – Grade 5 and 6

    b. Joshua, Judges, Ruth       – Grade 7, 8, and 9

    c. Job, Psalm, Proverbs        – Grade 10, 11, and 12

  3. ACSI Bible Quiz uses the 1984 New International Version of the Holy Bible.
School Eligibility

1. The ACSI Bible Quiz is open to all active ACSI Philippines member schools with updated standing with the organization.

2.  Participating students have to be currently enrolled in the ACSI member school at the level that he will be competing.

3.  Parent’s permission would have to be sought and secured in writing and attached to the registration form.

4. The head coach and assistant coach enlisted in the registration form have to be faculty members or staff of the school.

5. The school can register a minimum of three (3) contestants to join at least one (1) category.

6. Completed registration requirements must be submitted on or before a set date of deadline.  No late or walk-in          registration will be accepted.

7.  Travel schedule, accommodation, and meal cost are to be arranged and/or shouldered by the school.

Team Eligibility

1.   The school may send only one (1) team for each category; hence a maximum of only three (3) teams from      one school.

2.   Each school delegation shall consist of:

a.       One head coach

b.      One assistant coach

c.       Three student contestants per category

d.      One student alternate per category

3.   A school can qualify for the Regional Meet only if it is duly registered by November 20, 2015 and confirmed by the ACSI Philippines office.

4.  The registration includes the following documents:

a.       Duly completed registration form

b.      Certificate of enrollment specifying grade level, signed by the Registrar

c.       A scanned copy of each student’s school ID (with photo)

d.      Signed parent’s consent for each student

e.       Scanned copy of the registration fee deposit slip

5.    Only team members listed in the registration form may compete in all levels of the competition, if qualified.

6.    Changes in the official roster will no longer be accepted after the email confirmation from ACSI has been sent.

7.    Student alternate may compete only in case one of the official contestants in the category is sick or met an emergency. Such substitution must be done before the start of a particular quiz.

8.  A student may only participate in one content category team.  Team members must participate on the same team throughout the event.

9.    No substitutions will be allowed during the event.

10. At the competition date, no changes may be made on site as soon as the quiz has begun unless in cases of medical emergency.  The highest event official on-site will be the one to decide as to the validity of the engagement of the alternate.

11.  The alternate student should finish the quiz/competition of the particular level.  Should the school qualify for the next round, the replaced student contestant can resume participation in the succeeding level; alternate student will maintain his/her “alternate” status for the succeeding level.

Eligibility of Coaches (Head Coach and Assistant Coach)

1.      Coaches must be faculty members or staff of the school represented.

2.      A coach may represent only one school during the course of Regional Meet or National Finals.

3.      A team is only allowed one coach and one assistant coach, who both must be registered.

4.      Should coaches can be sent with the team other the ones listed on the registration form, competition officials will still communicate and coordinate with the contest- registered coaches.

5.      Coaches for a team cannot be altered after the registration.


1. The 2015 ACSI Bible Quiz Regional Meet schedule is November 20. This will done simultaneously in different regions all over the country. The Overall coordinator will communicate further details during registration campaign.  The National finals will be held in the National Capital Region on January 30, 2016.

3. Venues and other details will be communicated by the ACSI Philippines office.


Please note that only paid and acknowledged registrations are considered final. Registration forms must come with an attachment of scanned copy of the students’ and coaches’ school IDs. Submit duly accomplished registration form on or before the set date of deadline (to be announced).

The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Payment deposits have to be made to ACSI Philippines, BPI Mandaluyong Pioneer Branch, Account Number 1891 0533 86 and fax deposit slip to (02) 638. 2903 or email to


For inquiries, please call (632) 747.2973 / 638.2903.

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