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| January-March 2017 | Volume 2 Issue 1 |

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Romans 12:2 (NIV)

PERSPECTIVE: the way one looks at something.
I'm Possible

How do we look at the challenges that we face? Do we look at our lives, professional and personal, through the eyes of our Lord and Savior Jesus? Has our faith been strengthened by a change in our perspective? Have we realized that all our words, thoughts, and actions need to be viewed from a Biblical perspective?

We assign a name to our ACSI Philippines Newsletter to make everyone realize that there is one best way to look at things: that

your ACSI desires that all members of every school community see Christ in every person, every event, every child we meet in class, every life we touch, every parent, every member of the academe, in every opportunity, every struggle and triumph. ACSI Philippines opens all possibilities of helping others grow in their faith in God and excel in every aspect of life for the glory of God.-EMB
Accreditation by a well-organized agency is a seal of quality on an educational institution. ACSI promotes the value of accreditation to all the Christian schools in the world. Last September 2016, a Midterm Visit was conducted for Faith Christian School, Cainta, by Debbie MacCullough, Professor of Math and Math Education at Cairn University and a regular ACSI Global consultant and Evelyn M. Bumatay, ACSI Phils Country Director.

The concept of creating an ACSI CORE Team was received well by a group of school heads in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and NCR. The objective of its creation is to identify significant needs of schools in a particular region and plan strategically on how ACSI Philippines could help the Christian schools meet and answer such needs. Initial meetings were conducted through web conferencing using Zoom Video Communications in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to minimize travel concerns.

Only the NCR Core Team met personally at the Fort Legend Tower, Bonifacio Global City. All meetings were conducted successfully from March 15 to 20. Among the expected outcomes included ACSI Philippines line up of activities for May 2017 to February 2018.


To coincide with the annual celebration of the National Bible Month every January, ACSI Phils held the 2017 BIBLE FESTIVAL, “Let’s Celebrate God’s Word” last January 27 & 28 at the Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City. 165 students from 14 Christian schools participated in the different events in the two-day festival. A special inspirational message was shared by Rev. Eugene Hao, Associate Pastor of Jubilee Evangelical Church, Quezon City. He asked everyone to find encouragement in God’s Word because as the Bible Fest theme says “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever (Isaiah40:8)

The BibleFest was attended by Beulahland School of QC, Christian Academy of Manila, CCF Life Academy, Grace Christian College, International Christian Academy, Leaders International Christian School, MGC New Life Christian Academy, Nazareth Christian School of Antipolo, Philadelphia High School, Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy from the National Capital Region. From the provinces, the event was attended by Good Stewards International School, Batangas, King’s College of Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Philippine Christian Gospel School, Cebu City, and Tarlac Living Faith Academy.

Aside from the highly-anticipated Bible Quiz, there were on-the-spot essay writing and art competitions. Sophia Ellise T. Chua, Grade 10 student of MGC New Life Christian Academy, won first place in the essay writing and Waren Daniel Lee, Philadelphia School, was first place in the art contest. Their winning works are published in this issue. A number of students shared their testimonies on how Jesus Christ became an integral part of their lives and how they will continue to seek His wisdom each day.

A one-act play was presented powerfully by Christian Academy of Manila whose students interpreted the Parable of the Sower. Their Club trainor, teacher, and Director, Mr. John Eliezer Beguirras, took part in a touching rendition of their finale songs. Philadelphia High School and Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy led in the praise and worship for the two days. The Bible Fest was supported by some young lady professionals who acted as judges, among them were Rebecca Lee and Danica Tiam-Lee. The event was supported by Phoenix Publishing, Cosmocare International, Inc., Profood International Corporation, MGC New Life Christian Academy, and Rex Publishing. Visit for more details on the Bible Festival.


The FCS Board of Directors and Administration, through its School Director, has a great desire to provide excellence to its constituents, whether it be in customer service, government reporting and primarily providing quality holistic Christian Education to the young generation of the Municipality of Cainta and the surrounding municipalities.

In between the two executive villages in Cainta stands Faith Christian School. Here, teachers are Christians who are ingrained with the Word and while they are all active members in their respective churches, they are professionally prepared and ready Christian educators. Christian values in the basic foundation of the lessons taught here that all the academic subjects are enhanced with biblical light. Learners are seen refined and the Christian principles they have been brought up with have subliminally been part and parcel of their beings.

It is known in the whole Province of Rizal the ideals that graduates of this institution bear for they more often would excel in the field of endeavor they have chosen to pursue. Worth noting are the occasions when they’d come back to their Alma Mater bringing good and encouraging reports. On the part of the returnees, that’s a way of bringing back their gratitude to the school authority. While the educators here feel pleased and wanting to do even more in leveling up with the current pacing of education.

Education is expensive, it is a common knowledge. Parents are willing to spend that good earned money to finance the education of their offspring. Some would even think that when they enroll their kids to an institution of the affluent ones, never mind if it is more expensive there, it would be worth it anyway.

Normally, the quality of education provided is equivalent to the price paid in Tuition and Fees in an educational institution. However, here at Faith Christian School, thru its School Director, along with the School Leaders, are determined to provide quality Christian Education regardless of the economic status of its constituents.

The FCS community consists mostly of families falling under the middle class, based on the Philippine standards. It’s a great challenge and it takes careful planning of the distribution of limited resources to provide an enriched Faculty Development Program and to provide above-average facilities to our students.

Since the institution joined ACSI Accreditation Program in 2009, Faith Christian School has dramatically increased its performance in all areas of school operation. The Board, supported by the School Leaders and the FCS-PTF, are unwavering in their decision toward the Continuous School Improvement Program.

As it has been observed, adolescent learners would be easily influenced and persuaded by a lot of attractions. But certain standards set by the school have to be met and holding them on focus would be a predicament if not well-planned. With major subjects like Mathematics, English and Science, a Collaborative Learning Class (CLC) is opened on Saturdays and it was found effective.

Students have to enjoy while they learn, so these classes that meet on such a day away from their usual classes have become a forum to do Enrichment Skills. Proof of the positive results the number of low performing students are dramatically reduced.

The alumni of Faith Christian School are believed to have grown up in an institution where kids are marked by their gait, speech and manners, not to mention the development of their multiple intelligences.

Parents would say the manners and attitude their children show are all products of the noble values learned in this institution – and how could one be wrong if the Word of God is integral to the curriculum.

Once, conversing with one teacher of the Elementary Department, mentioning to her fond congratulations for a job well done, as the contestants fielded out came home bringing home top awards, she said, “We just teach as we teach and we always give our best, that’s all!”.

In the high school department, they all pass entrance exams given by the good and known universities, others would even have collegiate scholarship.

Those lawyers, medical doctors, engineers, others are teachers and a number would come back to teach here, saying, “…this is one simple way of returning the favor to their Alma Mater.

The already practice of integrating biblical principles, have even been enhanced when FCS has been accredited by ACSI. Teachers would attend in full force at seminars conducted by ACSI, FCS being the biggest delegation in the last few of years.

The changes toward improvement happen gradual and continuous. The new four-storey building for the Senior High School which was recently inaugurated has a Multi-Purpose Hall where Art Exhibits are done, along with some plays and recitals. Art as we know will make study bearable or we might say, more conducive and encouraging.

Currently, FCS is preparing for the 2019 ACSI Re-Accreditation using the REACH 2.1 Rubrics Manual. With the use of the standards checklist, we are able to gauge and bring improvement in all areas of the school operation in “Reaching for Excellence through Accreditation and Continuous Improvement for Higher Education”.

Accreditation Through the Looking Glass
– by Sheilamarie Eiaw

Looking back to the years where we were
It’s amazing that we even made a stir.
Cruising the academic byways in our tiny school bus
Students kept riding; hence there was the buzz.

Looking into what we have, everything seems fine
That is only if life is all about “I, me, mine.”
Then came the call, “Dig deep. Dig some more.
Look hard to find the proverbial gold ore.”

The accreditation challenge caused quite a stir
Many asked, “Can’t we just stay as we were?
Bigger and better is not what we aspire,
For it is God’s smile and nod we truly desire.”

Looking up to God as our BIG Boss
“Step up,” He says, “Ye soldiers of the Cross”
With much reluctance but with eager hearts;
Minds out of the burrows and books in the cart.

Laptops were bought, files unearthed
More files were made, documents birthed.
Busy bodies then buzzed and churned
Making sure no stones were left unturned.

Looking closely to what the standards say,
To most we say “Yes!” to a few others, “Nay.”
Craning our necks in pursuit of possibilities
Our hopes are now up as we see feasibility.

Looking past “ways and means” as topics beyond our care,
We now closely look into, eat and breathe like air.
Thinking has become a way of life;
It’s now taken up as a challenge, not a strife.

Looking through frosted glass used to be our stance,
But accreditation invokes to give change a chance.
Caucus time was time well-spent;
After all it is what “family” really meant.

Sleepless nights are not for naught,
Since we are now enjoying the “ought.”
Volumes of papers are not seen as waste,
As they are the road signs showing the ways.

Looking forward to the years up ahead,
Comforted to know, by God’s hands we are led.
Busy as we are, we can’t just leave things be,
For all these excellence are for God’s sole glory.

As another accreditation season beckons,
We are excited for another opportunity to say, “I reckon…”

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