CHRISTIAN ACADEMY OF MANILA: Celebrating God’s Goodness at 50

ACSI Philippines Newsletter, Milestones | Vol.2 Issue 2, Volume 1 | Issue 2 |

“Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.”

Christian Academy of Manila will always stand in awe of how the Lord has brought us through all these years. Our journey began when a group of Christian businessmen and missionaries, led by Mr. John Z. SyCip, started praying for a Filipino Christian school in Manila. Their desire was to establish an educational institution that will produce young men and women who excel in every aspect of life, and at the same time raise a generation who knows the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was July 1967 when classes first commenced. From an average of fifteen students per class, the number of enrollees increased eventually. More members of the faculty and staff were also added. In time, what was known to be a small group of educators and learners on Nagtahan Street became a growing family of unique and promising individuals.

But even the strongest of people experience difficulties. The succeeding years witnessed tremendous times of troubles and hardships for the whole school.

February 14, 1984, the crackling sound, smell, and sight of burning wood alarmed neighbors nearby. Firemen and spectators came in. Tearful students and teachers rushed to the scene. The CAM building and everything in it caught an unforgiving fire. The structure that held our accomplishments and aspirations may have sadly burned to ashes, but the God we hold on to graciously helped us recover.

Five years after this fateful event, the school encountered another trial. A serious problem shook us all and brought us to a point of an eventual close up. Still, the Lord has been good. The Lord has been faithful. His blessings have continued to fill our lives through ups and downs. His ways have taught us to value things that matter not just in this life, but also things that matter even for the life to come.

Looking back, we will always be grateful for His love, His goodness, His faithfulness, and His grace. Indeed, without the Lord, we will never be able to surpass everything that came our way.

Fifty years have gone by, and we are just humbled at the marvelous deeds He has done, He is doing, and is about to do.
So in response to His overwhelming magnificence, we are taking this opportunity to offer ourselves back to the Lord. It is our prayer that, for the years to come, He would lead us every step of the way as we pursue His call of utmost excellence and undivided devotion to the King.

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