Professional Growth

ACSI Teachers’ Convention
Over forty thousand Christian teachers attend ACSI conventions around the world and are challenged to grow professionally and spiritually. Each convention is characterized by inspiring general sessions, insightful professional development seminars, opportunities for fellowship and dialogue with peers.

Educational Administrators / Board Conferences
Nurturing capable and visionary leadership is vital to your school’s future. ACSI believes that the key to the success of a Christian school is the leadership given by the administrator, board and church leaders. Therefore, we are committed to provide the administrator with the skills necessary to lead the school toward spiritual and academic excellence. We strongly encourage the attendance of board members and pastors. There is a growing trend for schools to bring teachers who are being mentored for future administrative leadership.

Enabler Seminars / Conferences
ACSI Philippines provides one-day and two-day seminars for teachers in local areas. Each year the administrators and principals of ACSI member schools and ACSI Philippines staff members determine the topics, venue and schedules of these seminars all over the country.

Leadership Development
Nurturing capable and visionary leadership is vital to your school’s future. Each year ACSI works diligently to provide instruction and mentoring through the following venues:

  • Leadership Academy held every summer at the end of July in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and
  • International Institute held every summer in mid-July at Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina.