Fine Arts Festival

Purpose of the Festival
The ACSI Fine Arts Festival is held to provide Christian schools and their students with an opportunity
to honor the Lord through demonstrated artistic talents. It is recognized that the students who participate in this event desire to glorify God

The Fine Arts Festival has two components: Arts and Music. Schools should conduct their school-wide selection and send their top two participants to the festival. Please visit for the Fine Arts Festival Handbooks.

School-wide Selection
The school must conduct a school-wide selection process on or before November of School Year (S.Y.) to select their entries for the festival.

Any member school of ACSI Philippines may participate in the ACSI Fine Arts Festival. Grade 5, grade 6 and high school students are eligible to participate.

Adult Helpers
Each school is required to provide one adult helper for every 10 students attending the festival. The adult helper must be available for the entire day, though each helper will work either morning or in the afternoon. A music director or art instructor should not serve as an adult helper throughout the day because of other responsibilities. Schools will be charged Php 1,800.00 penalty fee for each adult helper they fail to provide.

All schools participating in an event with the ACSI are required to have adequate insurance coverage for students and advisors/teachers. ACSI does not assume responsibility for this coverage. The school’s student accident insurance should cover most reasonable and customary medical expenses. Workman’s Compensation should cover advisors/teachers.

Workshops are available for students and advisor/teachers to attend during the day of the festival. This is to be facilitated by experts in the following fields:
* Painting * Theatre
* Drawing * Voice & Diction
* Photography Essentials * Ethnic Dance
* Exploring Computer Graphics * Interpretative Dancing

Seats are limited per workshop. Schedule and tickets will be available at the festival in the registration area. Pre-registration is NOT available for these workshops. There is a Php 100.00 charge per student to attend these workshops but students with entries are not charged.