History and Beliefs

ACSI Philippines was just a dream until April 1997 when some Filipino Christian school administrators attending the First Christian School Administrators Conference of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches in Caliraya, Quezon moved for its formal organization. Dr. Phil Renicks and Dr. Roy Lowrie were the representatives of ACSI HQ in Colorado Springs, Colorado in that conference.

A formal organizational meeting was subsequently called by Dr. Phil Renicks, ACSI Vice President for International Ministries, on May 15, 1997 at the Church Strengthening Ministry. Attendance in that landmark meeting included Dr. Glean Meeter, ACSI Vice President for Finance, Mr. Stephen Abelman, Dr. James L.Tan, Dr. Ernesto Clement Sacro, Mrs. Blesilda Rios, Pastor Nepthali Rafael, Mr.Chito Rafael, Mr. LaVerne Valdez, Mrs. Sally Norton, Mrs. Helen Ponce, and a few others.

It was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission under SEC Registration No. ANO09601084 on April 6, 1998, giving the association juridical personality. Mr. Steve Abelman was named ACSI Asia Director. Elected members of the board were: Dr. James Tan, Mrs.Blesilda Rios, Mrs. Sally Norton, Mr. Alex Milan, and Mrs. Helen Ponce.

The first conference for teachers and administrators was held in April 1999 at Greenhills Christian Fellowship in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Membership grew, increasing steadily from 59 schools in 1999, reaching almost 300 in mid-2000. Pastor Segundo Agustin Espina who was appointed ACSI Philippines Director in August 2001, and together with Mr. Abelman, conducted seminars and enablers to help teachers integrate biblical truths and principles in the academic curriculum of schools.

In November 2004, Dr. Janet Lowrie Nason assumed the post of ACSI Asia Director when Mr. Stephen Abelman retired.

The leadership of ACSI Philippines changed hands when Dr. Tabitha T. Bullecer was appointed Country Director upon the resignation of Pastor Don Espina in April 2006.

This year 2008, the association has a total of 274 member-schools: 150 in Luzon, 51 in the Visayas, and 73 in Mindanao.

ACSI Philippines, with increased vigor and determination, continues to pursue its mission to enable Christian educators and schools in the country to effectively prepare students for life. All member-schools are partners in the pursuit of this mission, staggering and awesome as it may be, but this work for the Lord is an opportunity of a lifetime.