Philippine School Benefits

When you and your Christian School join ACSI today, you do not just become a mere member in a roster of Philippine Schools but a valuable hand and voice, a significant colleague in making Christian education flourish in the Philippines and in the world.

A world of benefits awaits you through membership in ACSI – the foremost advocacy and support organization for Christian educators and schools around the globe.

We shall welcome you warmly.


  1. Free ACSI Christian School Education magazine, three issues per academic year
  2. 20% discount to all ACSI conferences and events (e.g., for students, teachers, registrars, school leaders)
  3. Access to all Purposeful Design publications
  4. Free quarterly newsletter on updates on all levels of basic education, on different learning resources and ideas for 21st century learning, teaching, leading, and other pertinent concerns; starting July 2016
  5. Free membership directory in CD format
  6. Professional development & training to answer your school needs for all levels; namely, preschool, elementary, secondary, collegiate on
    • Curriculum;
    • Instruction;
    • Assessment;
    • Bible integration;
    • Information technology;
    • Legislative issues; and
    • Guidance & counseling support
  7. Assistance on Philippine Department of Education and other educational agencies on matters of school registration and / or recognition, and other requirements on private school sector
  8. Networking with local and international member schools for best practices, expertise, knowledge, and support
  9. Assistance toward increased maturity, sophistication, and effectiveness by focusing on standards of institutional quality, financial stability, and growth within the unique context of Christian education through ACSI’s rigorous accreditation process

The Guide to Excellence and Accreditation

You will be guided along the path to academic excellence, accreditation, and successful growth with the tools you need to assess your students, strengthen your curriculum, and enhance your competitiveness.

Membership in ACSI Christian school’s surest path to improved strength and effectiveness. ACSI’s rigorous accreditation process and member programs help move schools toward increased maturity, sophistication, and effectiveness by focusing on standards of institutional quality, financial stability, and growth within the unique context of Christian education.

Mission-based/outcome-driven programs include school evaluation and student assessment tools that enhance your strength as an academic institution, your credibility and competitiveness in the marketplace, and effectiveness in fulfilling the mission to provide a transformative, Christ-centered educational experience for your students.

Professional Development and Training You’ll have access to the industry’s best professional development for teachers, administrators, and board members, including certification programs, leadership training, publications, online resources, conferences.

ACSI provides members with a convenient, single-source portal to the world’s most comprehensive array of Christian school resources, affiliations, and programs.

Member services deliver critical professional development and training for your staff, faculty, and board. These include the industry’s best school accreditation, teacher and administrator accreditation programs, leadership development programs, professional educator associations, educator resources and journals, employment opportunities, new media, conferences and convention-all designed to enhance your school’s capabilities, enrollment and growth.

A Network of Resources and Support

You’ll enjoy a worldwide network of educational resources and expertise. Connected to the global movement for Christian schooling, you’ll be guided, supported, and motivated within a vibrant, sharing, and caring community of faith.

Membership in ACSI provides nurturing collegial and collaborative relationship with the world’s leading Christian school advocacy and networking organization.

Members gain access to an international array of knowledge, expertise, guidance, support, and consulting services. These include educational materials and publications, information on legislative and regulatory issues, guidance, support services, and other resources designed to keep you conveniently and effectively abreast of the most current knowledge, trends, and practices in Christian education and school development.

Exclusive Programs and Services

You’ll be able to offer exclusive programs and services that meet the unique needs of Christian educators and their students – educational experiences that can expand your school’s curricular program and boost student enrollment.

Membership in ACSI connects your school to a worldwide array of curricular-expanding and enrollment-inducing programs that enhance your school’s ability to offer unique and highly valued educational experiences.

Resources such as early education services, higher education programs, urban school services, international services, student activities, overseas teaching opportunities, and instructional materials augment your school’s product and services in a highly competitive marketplace.

Business and Financial Benefits

You’ll realize a tremendous return on investment through a comprehensive array of business and financial services and member discounts designed to secure your school’s future growth and success.

Global Impact through International Ministries As an ACSI member, you’ll be part of the leading global organization advancing the cause of Christian schooling – adding your strength to the global effort to bring the light of Jesus Christ to people in every corner of the world. You’ll have access to an international network of colleagues and schools.